akarui_kibuno (akarui_kibuno) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Pizza Place... (more WTF than really bad)

That you can't always hear people on the phone when we call you to order pizza, fine. I mean, we do live five minutes away and don't ask for delivery, but don't come order in the store cause it's small and sometimes there are lots of people there. Anyway.

PizzaGuy : Hi, Pizza Store, how can I help ?
Me : Hi! I'd like to order two pizza in X size, we'd come pick them up at the store.
PG : Pick ?
Me : Hmm, no delivery ? We come for the pizzas ?
PG : Hmm, okay. So, which pizzas do you want ?
Me : Pizza X and Y .
PG : Okay, it'll be ready in ten minutes (it's usually 20) .
Me : Oh, my SO will pick them up, he'll be there in 20 minutes, is that okay ?
PG : Hmm, we won't start them before ten minutes then.
Me : Do you have the order or would you like me to call back in ten minutes ?
PG : No, just tell him to be there in ten minutes.

Hmm, okay. I can understand that the pizza making time would be faster if I choose a pizza that's different than our usual choice, but... WTF about the time ? I didn't say anything, SO is going to be there when he's going to be there, but WTF. When he initially told me they would start making the pizzas ten minutes after my call I tried to be nice and pleasant with offering to call later to avoid bothering them NOW but he kinda cut me off, he didn't sound bothered by me but he sounded very out of it.

O.O As for the time thing, there's also one thing. I asked you if my SO coming later than you said was an issue. If I tell you he'll be there in 20 minutes, how do you think I can make him get there any faster ? o.O ...

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