Ms. Cupcakes (cupcakeofdoom) wrote in bad_service,
Ms. Cupcakes

Dear Bank of America.. I hate you.

Last night I closed my store, and when I opened this morning I didn't have anything to do so I thought HEY I'm going to head over to the bank & put in our weekend deposits....
I get to the bank at 9:10am, I go and wait in the merchant line which is SUPPOSED to be to help merchant deposits, put in their deposits QUICKLY. There were probably only like 5 people a head of me in line.
While I'm waiting inline I notice that they don't have one teller for the merchant line, the teller they do have keeps pulling 2 people from the regular line then one person from the merchant line.. 30min later I was STILL waiting in line. Finally it was 9:50am and I needed to open my store up at 10am. So I just stormed off and left.
Seriously what kind of service is that? Why bother having a merchant deposit line if you're not going to try & get those people out of the bank quickly?!? I don't think the people who work at the bank will like me much after that.
But hey Christmas is coming around.. I really hope they come to buy stuff from me cause I will remember. And I'm going to give them the same service they gave me.
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