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Scammers at the Mall

I bought a Royale Professional Straightener Iron from a mall booth at Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY from the sales woman by the name of Tali Wednesday, August 29, 2007.

Tali was "hawking" the straightener to me. She basically was pushy and kept saying that there were only 2 straighteners left and that today was the last day to sell straighteners. That it would be gone so I better buy it. When I declined, she whispered that she would use her employee discount and sell the straightener to me for $150 (a savings of $50). She also gave me her number in case I wanted to buy the straightener later.

She was being pushy and basically forcing my daughters and I to buy the straightener. She wasn't even letting us go. She would straighten my daughter's hair, then my other daughter's. She kept saying that they would be gone so my daughter asked a lot of questions about the straightener such as "is this safe to use on your hair continously?" "I've never heard of this company before, I think the chi is better than this" and so on, Tali would say it was 100% safe and that it wouldn't damage your hair in the long run and that it makes it healthier! She also said it was much better than the Chi. She went ahead and told us that if anything went wrong with the straightener, we could use the 5 year warranty which was $20 and get a new one.

My daughter gave in and bought it with cash. When we went around the booth to the cash register place, after Tali gave my daughter the receipt I noticed there was a sign saying "no refunds or money back, exchange only" and it had that on the receipt too with some random website address below.

After buying it, we went walking around the mall and my youngest daughter saw a sign for Chi's on sale at a hair salon product store. The Chis were selling for $120 plus a $26.50 gift free. We talked to the manager and she said we got scammed. She said her friend bought two of the straighteners from Royale for $150! We bought one through "employee" discount for $150. What the fuck?

I went to the website stated on the box and that it wasn't even working. That when you did a google search on Royale Professional Straightening Iron, nothing came up. Nothing even came up on eBay for it. I then remembered a website that was on their booth display so I went there and it was just tacky. The grammar was horrendous. I went to email them and the email came back saying it wasn't a valid one. I tried calling the numbers listed on the website and left a message but nobody picked up or called me back.

Then I called Tali and explained everything to her and that I would like to have my money back. She stated that it wasn't possible. I told her she scammed us because of the manager's friend getting 2 for 1 deal and Tali didn't believe me. She wanted to see proof. This went on for about 10 minutes of me asking for a refund and to save us trouble in the long run. I asked her how was I supposed to get my straightener fixed if I had bought the warranty and the "company office" doesn't even have an email or no one picking up their phones. She said it was under construction. Yea right my ass. I even went as far as telling her I would go to the Better Business Bureau, the Lexington Herald-Leader (newspaper), and WLEX tv station with the story of how she's scamming us. She said to go ahead and that she was sorry that we felt this way. She asked for my number and said the office would be in contact with me.

Today (5 days later) she called me asking "if there were any problems and if she could help me out" but I recognized her voice. She wasn't from the "office." The call kept breaking up so I called Tali and it was the booth's phone number so I talked to this sales guy who was also there that day. He kept saying we should talk to Tali and she'll answer any of our questions and he took down our phone number. And another thing... he asked me what kind of straightener I bought. I said I bought the black one (there are 3 colors / different kinds). He said there were 2 different black ones. One for $250 and $150. What the fuck?!? Tali was originally going to sell it to me for $200 but sold it to me under her "employee discount" thank god I didn't buy it for $200. I'm fairly certain she would have pocketed the $50.

I saw her in some of the pictures on the Royale website. I think this is a family run business where they manufacture cheap stuff and sell them at a high price. They even rotate the products every month from roller shoes to facial cream to straighteners to nail buff kits.

What should I do? I can't contact any of the "higher up" people because obviously nobody answers the phones at the office. Better Business Bureau probably can't help me get my $ back. Is this a lost cause or do you think I have a chance of getting my $159 (including tax) back?

P.S. If you want to go ahead and pretend to be a reporter and talk to Tali or the guy, feel free. Anything to get my money back! Let me know how it went. Call during mall hours 10 am to 9 pm eastern time zone. 859.273.0360
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