Allison (allykatb) wrote in bad_service,

My Grandma lives in an assisted living place. As such she eats dinners and the occasional lunch in the dining room. She’s given $500 a month to spend on food. Since she doesn’t eat that much, she often has my mom and me over for meals. Today we went over for lunch since it was steak sandwich day. Normally the steak sandwich there is really good. The staff is really nice and everything is usually great.

Today, Mom and I both ordered the steak sandwich, rare and medium rare, and Grandma ordered Belgium waffles with peaches. After a bit longer than normal wait, the steaks come out. Grandma’s food is nowhere to be seen. Mom and I both eat out garlic toast first after Grandma tells us to start without her. We move on to the steaks and find that they’re well-done. We call a server over and ask her to take them back. She’s apologetic and says that she’ll get us new steaks.

A few minutes later, the chef himself comes out with mom’s steak. He then berates her in front of us and the other diners, saying that it was rare and that if she wanted it rarer she’d have to learn to order properly. He finally says that if she wants a new one it’ll take 20 minutes. The whole time he has this condescending tone and is being very loud and insulting. Mom just says that she’ll take it and he leave the steak behind. Mine is delivered by the server right after, also not changed. Grandma still doesn’t have her waffles. 

Mom and I decide that we aren’t going to eat the food, since it wasn’t what we ordered. Meanwhile, the old women at the table next to us are telling us that the same thing happened to them. We call the head server over and tell her that we won’t be eating the steak and tell her what happened. She’s horrified and says that it isn’t the first time and that she herself has been yelled at by the chef for taking back food to be remade.

At this point we were just going to leave. Grandma was going on the grocery bus and Mom and I had plans. However, I managed to convince Mom to complain to the administration. She's a very confrontational person, but didn't want to make a scene in front of Grandma. So we send Grandma up to her apartment and got looking for the administrator. We run into her in the hall and ask if we can talk to her. After giving her a brief summary, she calls the chef into her office with us. One of the women from the other table joins us as well as a witness and to complain about how she was treated.. 

During the meeting, the chef insists that he was right about the steaks and that we should learn to order properly. He does apologize, but it’s one of those hollow ones that you know they don’t mean. It was easy to tell that the administrator was getting more and more angry with him as he went on, especially when he tells us that we have to lean how to order. The little old lady chew a strip off his ass too. In the end, we left and the chef was asked to stay behind. Grandma ended up not paying for the food and the administrator was very apologetic.

I know that nothing’s going to be done about the chef other than him getting a reprimand. They’re short on staff so they can’t afford to get rid of him. But, he was up for director of the building before this. I somehow doubt he’ll get it now.


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