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So because of all my issues with Telstra (I'm in Australia) i decided to switch to Vodafone for my mobile phone provider.

I decided what phone i wanted before i went to the store, so that it should have only taken me five minutes. wrong.

I get to the store and there are two guys there looking incredibly bored.

Guy: Hi, how can i help you today?
Me: Hi, i was wanting to buy a Vodafone 411 please.
Guy 2: I think we only have one left, I'll go see.*goes to the back and then returns* We've got 4. They're pink.
Me: great! i wanted pink.
Guy: that'll be $149.
Me: *pulls out card to pay and noticed on their register that they've put in $349 instead* Um... it's meant to be $149 not $349.
Guy: Haha, do you have ANY idea how many people never notice that?
*Guy and Guy 2 laugh and high five each other and then Guy fixes it*
Me: puts in PIN.
Guy 2: hey, your PIN is easy to remember!
Me: o.O

The payment goes through and I'm expecting to be handed the box and the receipt.

Guy opens the box!

Me: what are you doing?
Guy: Oh I'm gonna validate it for you.
Me: actually, you're supposed to ask me first.
Guy: Oh, I've already started, it'll only take 5 minutes.
Me: *whatever, just do what you have to do*...
Guy: now i need a security code for when you call customer service.
Me: I'd like to type it in myself so that i know it's secure.
Guy: Nope, can't let you do that, what do you want as your password?
Me: *gives him stupid password, hoping i can just change it when i get home and complain about their lack of professionalism*

I finally get my phone, my free credit etc and then when i open the box in my car?
The phone is black.

I know it's not that bad, but i was so excited about getting a new phone and this just ruined it.
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