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Charter Communications

This is going to be a bit long, I fear, so I'll immediately put it under a cut.

First, let me say that we had been Charter customers for years. It wasn't until a year ago in August that the issues started. And, in fact...I'm not even going to hash over all of what happened in that year. Suffice it to say that I called at least 40 times, I was lied to, given the run around, and our internet service (we were paying for the 6meg connection) was consistently as slow as dial up. This is not an exaggeration. On top of that, there are STILL cables out in the yard that haven't been buried, no matter how many times I tell them that. It's dangerous for all the kids that play out there. I could go on, and on, but I won't.

I want to get to the crux of the matter.

We'd tried the automatic payment thing, and it consistently got all sorts of messed up. It never worked, so we decided to go back to taking our money to them each month, which worked well enough. Until recently.

There are three of us paying utilities right now. We gave our money to our roomie, we'll call him J, and he tried to take it by the office, which was closed. No big deal, right? He just put it in his bank account for later.

August 4th. Charter calls him and asks him if he'd like to pay something around $125, which was what they explained the bill was. He says, 'Sure!' and after they verify who they are for certain, he gives his bank information, and goes about his day. This was Saturday.

August 6th. Cable goes out. I call to inquire why, and they state it's because we haven't paid our bill. I boggle a little, then explain to them what happened. They show no record of anyone calling. No record of any payment pending. No record of...anything. So, of course, we get concerned. Who was it, if not them, that took the information? Would they investigate? I asked to speak to a supervisor, concerned more for the safety of my roommates bank account information, than the status of our cable.

Supervisor Eric gets on the phone, and in his wonderfully apathetic tone, explains there's nothing they can do, there's no record, and I tell him that indeed, there are things they can do, and one of them is giving me the number to the corporate office, since he has no idea what 'customer service' means. (I admit that this is a shortened version of the conversation...I explained to him the entire situation, from beginning to end. The more calm I got, the more disgustingly snotty and emotionless he got. It was infuriating.) He gave me the number, and I called.

They actually have very nice people at that number. They listen, type, then set you up with a callback from someone from corporate. Fantastic, right? Wrong. I get a call from a woman, who's name I can't remember, and tell her what's going on. This was on Friday, the 10th. She explains that indeed, the payment was posted on Wednesday the 8th. I asked why our cable was still out then, and she explained that we owed another $100+. I boggled yet again. I boggled because we were told that there was no record of the payment pending, so WHY would it be posted? She apologized and told me that ALL supervisors indeed know that calls that are made on weekends to get payments from people don't leave records. There is no 'payment pending' to be seen, it will only be recorded when it's actually posted and paid for. I also boggled because that was MUCH more than the rep told J on the phone.

She couldn't explain where the extra money owed came from, or why the rep that called J had told him $125 or so. She just said that we'd have to pay before we get the cable. I told her no, that I was going to research a little more, I changed our service a little, and she turned on the cable again.

Good enough, right?

Wrong. I told J that the money was posted, and he surprised me. He said that he found this out the hard way. He'd pulled out the money to pay them, leaving a bit of money in his account, and had the money with him to pay them in person. What did this mean?

When Charter took the payment they reassured us they had no record of, they overdrew J's account. He's deeply into the negatives now, and they refuse to fix it. Their reasoning, 'Well, if you hadn't withdrawn the amount, it wouldn't have been overdrawn.' NO KIDDING. They're brilliant.

Clearly, they don't understand us when we reply, 'And if you would have told us it was going to be posted, we wouldn't have withdrawn it.'

This hasn't been resolved, and I fear it won't without some sort of aid. I'm posting this here to vent frustration, yes, but I'm also curious if anyone here knows what course of action we should take, in addition to continuing to speak with them?

SO INFURIATING. I've told J to file a fraudulent withdrawal claim with the bank, and I think he's going to. Grr. I hate Charter, so much.

NO, we are no longer their customers.
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