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Well, I stumbled upon this community today and figured it would be great to post something here.

Back in December or January, my laptop got attacked by a nasty virus and just stopped working. It would boot up, but got stuck on the splash screen. So my mother and I brought it to Circuit City, where I had bought it and gotten a warranty and all that fun stuff.

So they checked it out and called us back. They needed the AC adapter cord. So my mother and I are just like "wtf?". We bring it to them anyway. This continues with various other items, including the company issued restore disk, numerous copies of our receipt, a list of all programs installed on the computer, Norton Antivirus disks, and so many other things.

After about a week, they call us back and say "It got hit by a virus and there is nothing we can do". Which is what I had figured out before. So they give us the dead carcass of the poor laptop and it sits in our living room.

This is somewhat related. We went to Wal*Fart to buy a new laptop, since it was the only place open at the time. Got a nice Acer for only $700.

But that does not compare to the pure awfulness of the service there. Our cashier was listening to his iPod the entire time and ended up ringing the laptop up not once, not twice, but three times. And he couldn't delete anything. He had to call the manager, who was not even in the store at the time. The manager drove over and typed in a code on the register. After about 45 minutes of standing in the electronics section by the register, we finally had the laptop.

And the last thing in the laptop saga. Not sure if this works in here, as it was somewhat "internet" service. We called Gateway, who made the virus hit laptop. They were like "Oh, we'll send you a hard drive!"
And my mother asked them if they were sure it came with everything it needs to run in the computer. They were like "Yeah it will."
We get the thing in the mail and pop it into the laptop. All that is on it is Windows with Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Paint, and solitaire. It does not recognize that it has a wireless modem, or even a regular modem for that matter. It also does not know it has a soundcard. So now we need to call them again, and I'm not looking forward to it.
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