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Charter, you dumb bas****s

I'm on hold with Charter communications, our internet provider.

I know what you're thinking, "I know where this is going".

But it's worse than you think. Charter put the tards in bastards on this one. And that's not something I say lightly.

New internet in an old apartment. Seems fairly simple, does it not? I expected there to be a few problems, there always is. I never expected to have two weeks of merry-go-round bullshit to deal with.

They came out to 'professionally install' our internet. I'm a damned computer nerd, but apparently, it's required to have a $50 professional installation on all new accounts.

Money grubbers.

They came out... and couldn't install it. Problem with the line. With the drop. Makes sense, the landlady says lightning strikes more often than it should considering we are in the valley BESIDE the mountain, but that's actually the power company's fault and a whole nother story.

So they say someone will be out the fix that the next day or so.

NEVER GETS FIXED. Finally I call to get it fixed. Find out what's going on, something.

They never scheduled the next truck. It has to be a bucket truck.

So I have them schedule it. Sure.

It'll be out sometime next week.

#$^#$&#@#$%^$#&#$%^#$%^ aardvark.

So they come and go and never leave a note on the door or knock to say, "Hey we fixed it, does it work now?"

So screw them. I wait a few days then try to set it up myself.

I did set it up too. I can't wait for them to try to charge me $50 dollars for doing it myself.

Except there's a problem. It only works about 4 hours out of the day. EVERY DAY.

See, when they replaced the drop (which is on a pole, in the air) they didn't insulate it. Or pay any attention to what the hell they were doing. I can almost give them a pass on sucking on that because it's been about 100 degrees F everyday out here. In the middle of a stage 3 drought. Not the most comfortable weather for playing outside with the cable. When the temperature drops at night out cable goes out. When it rains (and thank god it finally is) we lose internet all day long.

I know what the problem is, but I can scareely fix it myself. Even if I had a bucket truck, I don't do heights. Pesky heart conditions causing fainting spells and what not.

So I call charter again. Again. Again. And then again. Transfered to every single department including billing, they can never seem to figure out what to do. Even though I'm telling them what to do. $^@#$%^@#$%@# aardvark.

Finally I get someone who seems to be not an idiot. Schedules a repair. For a bucket truck. to fix the aerial drop. Meaning 'lump of computer whatnot on a pole outside'.

Sends me a dude in a van instead.

At least he was hot. And he really was. Hot. Left his hardhat here. I'm keeping it in the hopes that he comes back. It's a trophy of the cable guy I wish I'd been awake enough to hit on.

So I made my roommate call them today. Computer not skilled, but the primary account holder, hoping that she might have better luck than I did. Some snippy bitch asked her why she needed a bucket truck and how she knew the drop wasn't on the ground. I took the phone from her and hung it up shortly there after.

Then I called back on my phone. So that we can split the cell phone minutes used between our plans because getting cable fixed is like pulling hen's teeth.

It takes a while to find the damn teeth.

So now I know exactly who to talk to when I call in, and which department to ask for. I got someone who was useful. Who transfered me to someone else who seems useful. We'll know for sure September 1st when the guys in the boom truck come out to fix the drop.

We'll see...

But dude, seriously, the guy who came out here on the 27th was REALLY. HOT.
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