MaitriBath&Body (whimsyjazz) wrote in bad_service,

No love for Pizza Daddy

I think Pizza Daddy is a local chain, not a national one, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Could be wrong.

This happened years ago when I worked in a warehouse as a front desk worker person. I had never ordered from there so I thought I'd give it a try.

Guy on the phone was perfectly polite, all was well. The warehouse is at the end of a street; basically, you drive down the street and when it ends in a cul-de-sac, you continue forward into the driveway of the warehouse. I explained this to the phone guy and he said, "No problem."

An hour later, I hadn't gotten my cheesy goodness. I called and he said, "He's having trouble finding you. I'll have him call you."

Then I got a call from the delivery driver. He had a thick accent - I can't say what nationality, it doesn't matter, but it was difficult to understand him. He said he couldn't find the warehouse (which is brightly lit and marked), and he was at the Holiday Inn on the same street. The Holiday Inn is literally 3 doors down from the warehouse; all he had to do was drive a bit further down the road. One can even see the warehouse office sign from the Holiday Inn parking lot.

He said he would try again. Thirty minutes later he called back and said, "I can't find it. I'm at Holiday Inn. You come get it." I said, "Nooo, really listen it isn't that hard to find..." He interrupted me saying, "I can't find it!" I said, "I paid for the delivery and I can't leave the office, so I can't come get it. If you just drive a little further down..." To which he responded with "You know what? Go fuck yourself." And slammed the phone down.

Hrm. Yeah. I called the Pizza Daddy back and asked them if they always let their drivers speak to customers like that. He said, no, of course not, and it was his cousin who was new. He asked if I still wanted my pizza. Almost two hours old and probably spit on? No thanks.

Pizza Daddy = Fail
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