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Pizza Hut in Calgary

So, I wanted to order a pizza on Friday. I gave up on delivery from Pizza Hut because they now charge $4 for delivery plus you are supposed to tip the pizza guy. I thought I'd order it for pick up. I call their 310 number and talk with this young girl, I order my pizza and say it's for pick up, she asks me how I'm going to pay and then she goes to hang up. I'm like hang on, don't you need to know which location I am picking it up from? She was all like, oh yeah. So I tell her the location and then she tells me I have to call that location myself! Idiot. So, she gives me the number. I call the Pizza Hut, talk to the guy and she gave me the wrong Pizza Hut location. He gives me the correct number. I call that location and no one answers the phone. I try calling for 10 minutes and no one ever answers. Then I call the 310 number again, I get this guy at a store on 17th Ave, I tell him what's going on and I ask him if that other location is open, he says it should be. I keep calling and they never ever answer their phone. So I decide just to drive there since it's on my way home. I get there and sure enough it's open. I ask the lady at the desk if their phone is working, she stares at me and then says yes. I ask why don't they answer it then? She says it's too busy to answer it so they are just ignoring it! Nice one, I don't like that answer. I order my pizza and go to sit down, I end up sitting in the restaurant since there are no chairs by the door. Eventually I move over to the door area. Then I hear her announce that they are out of pizza dough! I'm thinking what?? So, now the restaurant is closed. But there are still people in there eating and waiting for food. People keep coming in and they keep telling people the restaurant is closed. Then the staff asks if they should put up a sign on the door saying closed, she says no. So, people just keep coming in. All the while she is arguing with delivery drivers. Very stressful. Eventually I got my pizza, I was surprised I even got one. I think I'll give up on Pizza Hut and just find a one of restaurant close by to get pizza from. Crazy. And this is Calgary so the usual excuse is staff shortages, you just grow tired hearing the same excuse everywhere.

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