Jay (your__goodbyes) wrote in bad_service,

So last night, me, my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend were hungry and decided to hit up a drive through for some food.

Srsly. How hard is it to get 2 vanilla frosty's, two chocolate frosty's, an order of chicken nuggets, a JBC, 4 fries and 2 chicken sandwiches with everything on them right?

Apparently It's pretty easy to mess up that order. According to the screen everything was there and correct, but when we get to the window the lady asks us what we meant by everything on the chicken sandwiches. I've worked at a couple of drive thrus before, and so has everyone else in the car with us last night we just looked at each other like o_0 is this lady for real? So my boyfriend asks her to read our order back to us, and it was completely messed up. They charged us for all 4 of the fries, because the total on the screen matched the total we paid her, but she only gave us 2 of the fries, and when we pointed it out that we were down two orders of fries she then charged us for two more orders of fries. That was no big deal because it was only 2 dollars, but it still pissed me off. THEN she hands us our frostys, and we got a chocolate frosty, an oreo frosty, and a vanilla frosty. Shes dicking around in the drive thru thinking we drove off already not even paying attention. We're honking on the horn trying to get her attention when after like 2 minutes she finally opened the window. we pointed out to her that we were down a vanilla frosty ( i decided that an oreo frosty sounded better than a regular one so i just kept my mouth shut about that one) and gave it to us, and had the nerve to tell us "don't worry about paying for that one" I shouted back at her "we shouldn't have to, considering we already paid for it!"

in the end our food was right, we checked it for spit and there was none there. There also wasn't a receipt in our bag either.

This same lady was working the other day when I went thru after work and got a number 2 with a baked potato instead of fries, and I didn't realize until I got home that I had fries AND a potato and was probably charged for the fries too (and these weren't the 99 cent fries, they were the biggie-size fries, and I really don't like Wendy's fries, so I just wasted like 3 bucks) and of course, no receipt for me to reference to.

I mean it's not a really big suck, but it just blows that the past two times I've been there the same lady has managed to overcharge me for some nasty fries, and mess up my orders.
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