(suitablyemoname) wrote in bad_service,

A bit technical, buuuuuuut...

Hi there!

I'm having some trouble with my database. Some entries that I'm sure were deleted or modified have defaulted to what they were set to about a week ago, and all entries made since then have disappeared. Am I doing something wrong?

Suitably Emo


We had a failure at our data centre and had to revert to a backup of your database. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tech Support Guy

Fuck you.

Fuck you with a pineapple dipped in acid.

You had a *catastrophic failure*, lost all my data, reverted it (without reverting the file server, thus breaking several websites), and weren't even planning on telling me until I asked what was up? (And when I do so--and you admit it was a failure on your end--you offer no compensation, just a trite apology? If you lost a server, you must have had downtime [which should be enough for compensation unto itself], and now I have to re-build a week's worth of database because of your ineptness.)

Thank god I use you as a testing and demo server, or the shit would have really hit the fan! I was thinking of expanding my hosting and throwing on a few client sites--now I'm not even going to wait until my own account expires before leaving.

Fuck. You.

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