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Your First Job, Huh?

I had to join here because this community is such a goldmine for stupid_free, and because bad service is so awesome. I work with the public to an extreme degree and mostly I'm wonderful. So I know how it is.

No really, I am! I'm very friendly and smiley and helpful and chat with people and make them feel like they're my BFF. Wonderful.


So I thought I'd post this from my own LJ, to introduce myself:
On weekends, they haven't been opening up the cafeteria because there's not enough people who would eat there. So I'm forced to go to Balducci's, which sucks because it's expensive and I refuse to eat crap food that would be cheaper.

There's this checker kid there who is SUCH a freak. He's probably like 16, I'm guessing Israeli or thereabouts by his facial features, super nerdy, it's most probably his first job ever, and from what I observed today, a FIT (= Faggot In Training...I'm gay myself and normally think they're awww, hug!, so STFU).

First there's this guy sort of standing there, it didn't look like he was quite sure if he was done shopping yet, but he's kind of standing by the checkout. Freaky Nerd Kid goes "Uh, sir? You can come around," motioning to his coworker's open register (they're kind of blocked by food racks). Then I see him roll his eyes as in "Gawd, what a idiot!" Okay...

You know how if your total comes to say, $11.03, the cashier will ask if you have three cents so s/he doesn't have to give you 78 coins in change? Well, FNK asks that, no matter what your total is. So like it's $.64 total, and he's like "do you have four cents?" The really idiotic part of it is that his math is always competely wrong. He's done this to me twice now. I didn't have any change. He's like "well, I'm going to have to give you..." *pause* like it's going to be a big, fat hassle for him--and me--what my change is going to be. But then he stopped himself and says, "do you have two cents?" LOL In what alternate mathematical universe can four cents and two cents both ease the same sale? It makes no sense. I'm like "I have no change," which was true, but I might have just said that even if I had had coins.

The first time he did this, he asked for such-and-such an amount of change, so I went into my little changepurse and came out with some change. He's like "you've got 40 cents right there in your hand!" So I gave it to him without thinking, and it turned out to be 35 cents, so I think he actually ended up having to give me MORE coins than when we started. Regardless, my total that time was like $.46, so I have absolutely no clue what good he thought a quarter and a dime were going to do to help. Big. hot. mess.

When I went to his register that time a few weeks ago, he ended the transaction with "THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY AND COME BACK SOON!!!" Yeah, that sounds friendly and nice, and I know tone doesn't translate on the intarwebs, but the way he says it is like he read it out of the employee handbook and is reciting it...badly. Not like he really does want me to come back soon. This may sound dumb not knowing where I work or what I do, but when I say that to people, it's because I really honestly think they'd enjoy coming back...but I'm not including insincerity in with my bad service tale. If we included insincerity, practically everybody in a service industry would be on here. Just try to make it believable, a little, people.

Anyway, he's a freak.

That will probably end up on S_F, too, but I thought it was a good story, so whatever.


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