kdorian (kdorian) wrote in bad_service,

Burger King, increasing annoyance

Went out tonight with my sister for Burger King - neither one of us felt like cooking, I had a coupon, so off we went.

Service seemed fine, but when we got home (sister has this... thing about eating in the car) we discovered we were short one order of fries. Damn, it's annoying, but it happens.

I call the store to let them know. Easy enough to do, the phone number is printed on the receipt in big bold numbers - nice of them to make it easy for me to get in touch!

I hang up after two minutes with no ring, convinced that I must have misdialed. I check the number carefully and dial again. I hang up again after another 4 minutes.

Fine, no one answers the phone. But that's OK, I have a computer and internet! I'll just go to the web site...

The 'locate store' doesn't proved a way to actually contact that store. OK, not that surprising. The missing fries is a little thing, but I'm already at the site - I'm sure there's some way to register a comment or complaint. It's bound to be in the 'contact us' info.

...well, imagine that. The only way they allow you to contact them if there's a problem is either by making a long distance call to Miami, or sending them a physical letter in the mail. Email communication is 'not accepted'.

Congratulations, Burger King. I started with a minor problem. Now I'm really pissed off.

ETA: They don't have comment cards either, I checked when I went back.

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