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Someone missed the logic train

I needed black athletic pants for work today. I didn't remember this until I checked my work email at 6:30am this morning.
So I threw on a pair of jeans, drove to Walmart and bought a pair of pants on my way to work. Since work offers a bathroom the size of a shoe box, I changed in the Walmart bathroom. No problem right? Apparently, there was.
I had rolled up my jeans, put them in my hand bag and was on my way. I'm actually IN the parking lot when someone grabs my arm and yells right against my ear, "I SAID STOP!"
Bewildered, I look at the door greeter who is standing there glaring at me.
She grabs my handbag and dumps it out on the ground. Now I'm convinced I'm getting robbed and thinking she's so screwed because I have exactly $2 in my wallet and nothing else.
But instead she picks up the jeans and says, "You have to pay for these!"
I tell her I did, that they were mine. She saw me wear them into the building not 15 minutes ago. I even offer the receipt for the pants I was currently wearing and pointed out the jeans said OLD NAVY on the tag. Her response was, "That doesn't prove anything!"
OK so a different brand, and a recepit for what I was wearing doesn't prove anything? Sure.
We go back into the store as she tells me I am "in trouble" and "caught big time."
So she pages for a manager several times before one comes up to see what is going on. The door greeter shoves the jeans in her face and says, "I caught this girl trying to steal these!"
So again, I go through the receipt thing, point out the Old Navy tag and the manager doesn't know what to do even though she says, "Yeah we don't carry these."
No kidding? There's no Old Navy inside of Walmart?
She stands there looking around for a minute before talking to the CSM about the jeans.
Now I'm really confused about where the problem is. The manager knows the "stolen" jeans are not from Walmart. So what's the hold up?
The CSM checks the receipt and says I just bought a pair of black athletic pants. But where are they? Oh that's right ON MY BODY. I then point out the cashier I bought them from and we all go over to talk to her.
Yes I bought them just a few minutes ago. Yes, I declined a bag. Yes she saw me go into the bathroom to change. She was pretty sure I was wearing jeans before that. No I didn't have anything else with me.
How many Walmart associates does it take to come to the conclusion I wore Old Navy jeans in and a purchased pair of black pants out? 3.
How long did it take me to buy a pair of pants? Almost an hour.
I am calling corporate about this and bitching until I get a gift card that will at least cover the amount of money I lost being 2 hours late for work.

My boyfriend is an ex-manager at the Walmart I went to. He was furious when I told him this. I think had the door greeter still been there tonight he would have gone back to give her a piece of his mind.
He agreed to sit with me on my call to corporate on Monday in case they decide to be jerks about the whole thing.
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