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I need a bill to pay a bill?

You know I've never had any issue with store cards before, I collect them, take advantage of the offers. Use them to improve my credit and then allow them to collect dust in my purse. I must have had quite a few by now without a single hitch.

Until I got one for Ann Summers, then everything went wrong.

Basically in May I signed up for their store card, brought a few bits and pieces with a lovely discount, I love our local Ann summers, they're pricey but they do carry some nice bras. I was told I would receive my card and statement the next month.

Fast forward to June when I was supposed to receive my first statement and my card.

The statement was supposedly sent out on the 2nd. I was repeatedly assured by company members that I'd be getting it "soon". Finally on the 28th with no statement or store card in sight I tracked down a number online, called them up, asked what on earth had gone wrong, was told it was overdue and I would be charged a fee, I paid off the cost of what I had brought. I was told that when my July statements shows up I should call them and they'd remove the fee on my account since the June statement hadn't showed up, apparently or so they claim, they can't do anything until the next statement is sent.

5th of July the statement for June finally shows up, it is the last statement I ever get.

Edited for clarity: I was supposed to ring up and speak to them once I got the July statement, I never received it, instead they sent me to collections.

Now the company are chasing me for non-payment fees that I thought were taken care of. For some reason the letter demanding money I shouldn't owe manages to get through the mail system okay but my regular statements don't?

I've run from pillar to post trying to fix this.

First I spoke to someone who tried to bully me into paying up, and then I was told nobody wrote down the agreement to remove the fees since I wasn't receiving the statements, I managed to get them to cancel half the fees though.

I've had to write in and demand an investigation which is going to take another two weeks but needless to say if my store card ever does actually turn up, I won't be using it.

And the funny thing? They're trying to blame the post office for losing the statements, except all my other mail shows up on time. I find it a little odd that out of the dozen or so bills I get each month/quarterly, the postal service consistently loses one companies letters 3 times in a row. So yeah, avoid the Ann summers store card like the plague, their financial backer likes playing silly beggars it seems.

Edit: interesting note? I've had several envelopes stuffed full of advertisements for new Ann summers products but no statements. Obviously something is going wrong. Perhaps someone isn't putting my statements in the envelopes so I'm only getting the ad stuff that is supposed to come with the statements.

Update to the situation: The matter is being investigated. The company have started to make bullying calls to me on a bank holiday, their collections department pretty much told me that they wouldn't take off the fees and that I had to pay it -now- oh and guess what? The customer service department isn't open today so I can't talk to them about it. I told them I would call customer services tomorrow since the matter is under investigation currently.
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