Queen of the Faerie Cakes! (the_faery_queen) wrote in bad_service,
Queen of the Faerie Cakes!

the royal mail sucks.

i am off on holiday for my birthday tomorrow. i asked my mum to call them for me and have a parcel that i missed when postman brought it, redelivered to today. so i would have it for holidayu. did they redeliver today?


we asked them thursday, two days to get it ready and no. no item.

mum called to complain. they HUNG UP! she had emailed them, when they failed to answer the phone, so ok, i wasn't that surprised it didn't arrive, but HANGING UP ON SOMEONE! what the fuck! 'we don't always deliver next day if asked by email, click!' that is so rude!

i hate our postoffice. royal mail. ugh. once my friend sent me a parcel, they never rang the bell, never gave me the sorry we called and you were out card to tell me it was even here, no. they just held it for 3 weeks and sent it back to her! i didn't even know it was with them! they never told me.

another time i got a card saying, we have had this item for 3 weeks if you don't claim we will send it back. they had never even told me they had it to start with! bad service is putting in mildly!

so now i get no presant on my birthday from my friend, and he had sent me something for myu holiday and i don't get that either. and i have to hope the postoffice look after it nicely for me. which i do. ugh.

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