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Update for Printing Shop Bad Service

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I got a hold of those e-mails.... Also, I want to go back and edit out what was put in so that it's not so specific, so don't be surprised if the previous post changes. :)

16 Aug 07:


I had spoken to the sales manager about the quality of the image that was published in the publication. He was to get back to me on his return to Toronto but has not. Please have someone contact me about this matter.



Hi M,

I checked into your concern regarding the ad that was printed in the ____ issue
I see that you provided the copy
I see that we placed that on page 11 – the most high profile page in the magazine
I see that you got a $50 discount because you were providing the ad copy
I don’t see what the problem is.




The problem was that we provided a high quality vector image and when it was printed in the magazine it is very fuzzy. I believe this happened when the image was imported into what ever software you used to do the layout.


Hi M

That would be easy to check – I will have a look


Me again

I just checked – it was printed as supplied



This is the email that was sent to both production and sales. It would appear that someone failed to open and use the vector file (ai) file that was attached . This would have produced a high quality ad representative of the quality of our work. Instead of the fuzzy ad that is highly detrimental to our image.



Hi Ash

Are you telling me that you sent 2 different ads – all the same – for the publication?


Yes – 1 was jpg just for reference at small size and the ai file for printing. We were told to supply the to both sales and production.


Hi again

It would seem that the extra useless files only served to confuse
And sent “for reference”???????
That seems ridiculous when all that was needed was the one file
It seems to me that I did check earlier today and found that only a jpg file was received – in any case – we printed what we received
And I am in the middle of doing up over 50 ads today – so cannot comment other than to say
“we printed what we received”
And secondly – it's stupid to send multiple copies when only the “real” copy was needful
As a good will gesture, I could rerun the ad in an upcoming ____ issue – that would not be a problem - we do not have one for September

Currently, we do have E_______ coming up in January 2008


We are not STUPID! We did as we were asked. Normally the ai vector file is what is used to get the best quality image. I would expect that is what would be used when it is provided. This is standard with all printers we deal with.
___ is not a customer of ours.


Well Ash, I’ve only been doing digital work for magazines since 1987 and have not learned all the twists and turns that might have been developed over the years.

I learned Ready Set Go when it first came out – and then graduated to Pagemaker soon after. I have a staff person that knows Indesign so he is showing me improvements and changes that have been made in that program. Personally, I am not familiar with Illustrator.

I would suspect that people like yourselves have more experience with a wide variety of formats as you work with a wide variety of customers – we do not. We know the basics and we know them well. We use jpgs and pdfs.

We don’t use illustrator files – our customers never send us documents in that format – so we don’t need it. And I don’t know the program to be able to use it myself.

I still can not come to terms with the thought that you would send multiple documents, most of them unnecessary, that would not be and could not used – that is ludicrous – I can’t get past it. Its beyond my comprehension that someone would do such a thing. What more can I say?


Hi again

I have over 60 different ads to do on my desk RIGHT NOW

I have taken the time to respond over and over and over again

I printed what you provided

I need to get some work done today – we are currently PAST DEADLINE and under extreme pressure.

Sorry you sent misleading stuff


Attention S. T.
Publication of our ad in the _________:
I originally called _______ about the quality of my ad. He was in Vancouver but promised to look into it when he got back to Toronto, then completely ignored my concerns.
I decided to follow up on it again only to be called STUPID by your graphics person S. B.
There were several emails back and forth. This message contains some of the communication.
Please do not reprint my ad in any publication!
I just thought you would like to know how your people handle a complaint.



Hi again

___ handles sales ONLY – he does not handle anything to do with graphics

And yes, I consider sending 2 copies (some of them NOT good copies) a stupid thing to do

It can only serve to cause confusion

Which is obviously what it did

Sorry – but I have been in this business far too long to be tolerant of others who are in an even more demanding business than my own (and yes, I am the owner) who should know better

Thanking you for your business and wishing you every Success!!



So it turns out she's both the graphic designer AND the owner. She uses one last name as designer and one last name as owner.

By the way, my original e-mail:

Hi ____,
I’ve attached a .jpg proof and an .ai to print for the advertisement in _________.
Ashford Bateman
Graphic Designer


We didn't send my letter in the end...


Then we sent:


Hi S.
A lot of my customers are customers of yours or potential customers of yours. I will tell them the way you have treated us.



Please do so! :)



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