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Found this place via Customers Suck. After reading I decided to share a few stories myself

Back when I was in high school, me and my friends made it a ritual to go out and eat somewhere different when we had half days. So on this particular half day, we decided to go to Lion's Choice (an Arby's like place.) So we walk in and notice there are two registers open and one has no line at the moment so we walk up to that one. Little did we know, they had one line and the next person was to go to whichever register opened first. Nobody told us this or even said "hey! line starts back here!" so we ordered.
Apparently after we ordered the cashier started bitching about us as we stepped away from the counter. Going on how "Teenagers think they are SOOOOO important than everyone else, cutting in line, doing whatever they want" (however, as said, NOBODY TOLD US!) just going on and on and giving us dirty looks. but never said a word to us (even thought we could clearly hear her from where we were sitting)
Our food came out and the lady was the one to give it to us. Once again, said nothing, acted all sweet and nice. Then went back to the counter and started bitching about us some more. We just decided to eat and leave because we had no idea what was with this lady. I am normally a very polite person and if I knew I was cutting in line, I would of said I was sorry and gotten to the back. My friends would of too. I was scared to eat thought, because I didn't know if she did something to our food...

A while back we had Charter for our phone service. We had no problems with then, until about two years ago our phone went out for two days. My mom called the company up (using my dads company cell phone) and they gave us some shit about not paying our bill, but when my mom persisted that we did pay our bill and had proof of the money coming out of the account, they turned out phones back on. Thats when it all started going downhill.
After that, our phones went down at least once a month. Every time, they didn't know the reason, but we got the phones back up within the day. At one point, they were off for over a week due to some unknown factor. they sent a charter worker out to check our lines (they said that was the problem) and it was magically fixed.
Now after all of this, we didn't have any problems for a while. And we also started looking after my grandmother who was having health problems and was paralyzed on the left side due to a stoke years ago. She lived two hours away from our family, so we called at every hour or so to check up on her. Wouldn't you know, our phones went down again. This time was because "OH! We meant to shut off 222-2222 and your number is 222-2223!" Unfortunately for some reason they couldn't turn the phones on that day, so we had to wait until late the next day to get our service back. And once again our phones kept going out, except is was every week or so now. They kept sending out service men, saying is was a problem on our end, but they only temporally fixed the problem. They dug up our phone wires and replaced then, saying the reason was the wire was too short and that why we kept getting disconnected. Fine and dandy.
Then the phones went out AGAIN (seeing a pattern here? XD ) this time for TWO WEEKS. during these two weeks, my grandmother ended up in the hospital because she fell and broke her hip one morning and didn't get found until my uncle (who lives next door) came home from work late late that night. So she was dehydrated and all this other fun stuff. All could of been avoided is we had phone and could check up on her.
And also, up until this time, Charter had been reimbursing us the money for days we went without service. Until now. they pulled some shit, and we decided to switch to SBC Yahoo (or whatever its called XD) We never got our money, my parents are fed up so they haven't pushed the issue. The funny thing is, our phones worked perfectly ever since we switched. Imagine that.

On the Charter company note, my neighbor had troubles with them as well. They would charge her 5 or so times a month for her bill, each time saying they never received the last payment. I don't know if she ever got all that money back since she moved away, but I think one of the employees was running a scam...

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