purplemewit (purplemewit) wrote in bad_service,

There's a Wendy's at the top of my block, it's real convenient for me to stop at on my way to work since it's the only place with a drive through on my whole route (weird, ain't it?).

At any rate, service here is kinda ehh most of the time, you get the impression the workers don't care anymore. Except for one little teenage girl all the others look at funny for working hard. I like her. Before she started working there, there was an occasion where my "Large #3 with a Coke" turned into three large Cokes between the screen and the pickup window.

I go through the drive thru again, order the same thing as ever, and what do I find when I'm at the second window? The worker's cell phone went off and he answered it. All he got from me then was a 0.o look and I got my food and left. (It was right around 2:30, off-peak food time)

On my way to work, I got the shop's number from 411 and talked to the manager. Told her what happened, described the guy at the window and she said she'd take care of it. Her initial reaction was "Oh! Well, that's lovely. I'll talk to him, thank you." Also told her that I may not have gotten a receipt but I hadn't had a chance to check, as I was driving. So I didn't push the free burger thing.

I've been by there half a dozen times since and I ain't seen the guy.

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