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I honestly believe this is my first post here, but it is warranted.  I have car insurance with Direct General Insurance through  Their rates are great and we've had them for a year and I love them.  However, it's getting around the time to renew the insurance and now they are frustrating me to no end.  I received a letter from them reminding me to renew and I called and got a temporary password from them to register online to be able to pay the renewal downpayment when I was ready (this was weeks ago).  Well, I accidently threw out the paper I had the temporary password written on, so I went on the website and tried to do the "forgotten password" option with my current email address and it said that my ID was not found!  Well, it was about 3am, so I had to wait to call the company later on the next day.  I called and spent an hour on the phone between Direct General and being transferred back and forth between the two companies with no help.  Apparently, it's too difficult to get registered online.  Finally, I was able to get in touch with a rep named John with and he stated oh no problem, I will register you right now.  I thought great, so I will be able to just get online when I get home (I was at work)?  And he said yes.  Okay, so I get home and try to get online.....and the same thing happens again!!!!!  Because it's already 2am now, I can't call anyone until tomorrow, but I am beyond frustrated at this point.  I almost want to go find insurance with someone else because of it.

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