rivertammuvielu (rivertammuvielu) wrote in bad_service,

I'm a longtime lurker first time poster.

Anywhoo, this bad_service might have been partially my fault but... back in July, I was hanging out at a local mall with my family. I was looking at different stores. On my way, there was a phone kiosk and one guy inside said he wanted to ask me a question. I answered his question but I immediately said I wasn't interested in what he was selling. He immediately said, "Well you don't have to be so...RUDE! I was only trying to ask you a question." This guys tone was so rude in itself though it's kinda hard to describe His body language and voice while asking me the question however also screamed I'm going to sell you a phone no matter what.

Edited to make the entry coherent because I wrote it at one in the morning.
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