a dreamer like you (lutraphile) wrote in bad_service,
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newspaper delivery

I work at Starbucks. We get the NY Times delivered.

One of our regular delivery guys is a flaming ass-clown. He's lazy, rude, and all sorts of nasty things. But these two incidents really take the cake.

A few months ago, Paper Man decides he's going to deliver the paper through drive-through. Only he doesn't read the clearance-height sign, and he got his truck STUCK on the overhang by our DT window!! You should have heard the racket this made as he was trying to dislodge himself; I thought the store was going to come apart.

That's bad enough, but this was at the beginning of our morning rush, and our third person wasn't due in yet, so it was just two of us. I asked Paper Man to come inside so we could fill out the incident report form, but I got slammed with a never-ending line of customers in the cafe. FORGIVE ME if I take care of my customers. You, Paper Man, do not get to bitch at me for this. If you weren't a stupid ass-clown, you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place.

Fortunately there really wasn't any structural damage, just a scrape in the wood. But you better believe we reported it to our higher-ups (and his!)

This happened just a few days ago. 6:30 am. Let's say, for simplicity's sake, that Paper Man was heading north on our street. But instead of pulling into our parking lot like a normal human being, he pulls into the oncoming (southbound) lane, to get closer to the store. He then stops the car, opens the door, and THROWS the paper the remaining 30 feet to the door, where it lands with a resounding THUD.

My coworker saw the whole thing. I heard the thud, and turned around to see him leaving the southbound lane.


I called his supervisor, who was very pleasant and assured me the situation would be dealt with. I haven't seen him since, and I'm hoping that means something. :D

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