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Pipex and Sky broadband.

My internet problem just keeps getting weirder…

Can anyone make sense of all this. Maybe there’s something really obvious that I and all these Customer Service/Technical/Billing staff are missing.

Here’s the story as short as I can make it:


Mid June: I ask Pipex broadband for a MAC. They get the email wrong over the phone and it takes them 2 weeks to send the MAC to the correct email address.


July 9th. The MAC is given to SKY, but when I contact them later to ask questions, they say the MAC may well expire before the switch can go through. But not to worry, if it doesn’t go through, the order will be cancelled. My account with Pipex won’t be affected.


July 11th, Pipex bill me £17.99 for another month’s internet till August. Guess I’m staying with Pipex then? No word from SKY. The MAC mustn’t have gone through…


July 14th. MAC officially expired. Still with Pipex internet. *shrug* I’ll have to try again with a new MAC later.


July 18th. Telephone exchange goes down. Line then goes back up hours later. Suddenly my broadband isn’t working.


July 19th Call Pipex who say we’re not with them anymore. I assume it must be SKY. I call SKY. They say we have a ‘tag’ on the line that needs to be ceased if we want to order their broadband. I tell them we already ordered broadband with them with a MAC. Their system disagrees and say it was cancelled the day it was ordered. I didn’t cancel. But someone’s on my phone line. Who?


Many calls between phone company who maintain the line and SKY, I’m told SKY do have my broadband and am given a circuit ID to prove it.


Days later: SKY admit they were wrong and a router is on the way (SKY only works with their super-special router).

But a cease on the line is still pending, which will shut-off my broadband, forcing me to start all over. They admit it’s possible that the customer sales person on the 19th  actioned the cease, to lift their own broadband from my phone line - not realising that they themselves WERE my broadband provider. How thick can you get?


This pending cease is still in affect to my knowledge. SKY have been very unhelpful and so far have not contacted me to explain if it’s been resolved. Each time I enquire about it, they simply repeat that it's being "looked into." I could lose internet any day because of this. =/




August 16th. Pipex bill me for another month’s broadband. But I’m NOT with Pipex anymore.


August 20th I complain. They say they’ll refund me for the error. And what about July’s bill? I never got my full service so I expect a refund for the difference. That, they say, needs looking at. According to their system, I was a customer with Pipex right up until August 16th.  Huh?


August 22nd: Pipex refund me just £14.99, not the £17.99 they took. They email saying “I hope this resolves the problem.” No, it does NOT! They owe me about £30 for services not received. Giving me £14.99 is not good enough. I complain more to Pipex and contact my bank and ask them to file a dispute.

And there it ends for now. When and what will the next exciting instalment be?

Has anyone any idea how these companies have managed to screw-up so badly?


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