kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

Rodney & teh WTFlulz

this just happened as I was browsing through the community..

maybe it's not "BAD" service, but WTF service.. (there should be a WTF service community, as well, for things like this)

the phone rings. a company name comes up on the caller ID; I don't recognize them. this is how it goes down:

me = well, me.
RG = rainsoft guy

me = hello?
RG = is Lisa there?
me = no, sorry, she's not. but may I ask who's calling?
RG = Rodney
me = o.O.. Rodney who?
RG = *gives me a speech about his company & how they want to come over to my house in the afternoon and test my water, for free. if I let them do this they'll give me 2 tickets to a comedy club or a suncruz casino cruise*
me = sorry but neither of us will be here during the time you'd want to do all this
RG = really? well when will you be home?
me = dunno
RG = hmmm.. 5 or 6ish?
me = I really don't know
RG = what about Lisa? when will she be home
me = I.don't.know.
RG = hmm.. I see. well.. who is Kaycee?
me = that's me
RG = then who is Lisa?
me = my mother
RG = well is Lisa home?
me = *baffled* uh, no. I told you that at the beginning of the call
RG = okay, I'll call HER back later. *hangs up*

I mean WTF. ? call me overly paranoid, but I don't like when strangers [even if they're pimping a company] call & play 20 questions with me. we aren't interested - the decision maker of the house isn't home. take it or leave it! just didn't seem very professional to me.
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