Chantry (chantry) wrote in bad_service,

UPS Suck

So, we ordered some catbox liners from a seller on Amazon, since our local pet stores seem to be discontinuing these liners (it's for one of the fancy automatic litterboxes - yes, I paid $200 for a toilet for my cat).

According to the UPS tracking number, they were supposed to be delivered by 8/21. Following the tracking on the UPS website, the liners reached our local depot on 8/16. And there they seem to be sitting, still.

So, my partner calls UPS and says, "Hey, where's our catbox liners?" UPS says, "I dunno . . . call the shipper and start a trace."

Come on, they're at the freaking depot! Contact the freaking depot and have them find the freaking package! I could see having us get a trace if the package was stuck somewhere enroute, but it made it to the next-to-last step - next step would be "out for delivery!"

In good service, though, the seller has agreed to start a trace right away.
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