lilith_sternin (lilith_sternin) wrote in bad_service,

Yes, I'm actually a pregnant alcoholic

I was in a wedding this weekend, and the reception had an open bar. Being pregnant, I was limited to the soda/water options, but my husband was obviously not. I was walking by the bar and decided to bring drinks back for us, but felt bad because I did not have a dollar to tip him (the smallest bill I had was a 10) and figured I would just come back when I could get change somehow.

I walk up to the bar. I know I look young (I'm 24), so I was half expecting to get carded when I ordered. No big deal. But that isn't what happened.

Me: Hi, can I please get a Coke and can I please get one with rum in it, too? (Okay, not the smoothest ordering, but whatever)
Him (eying me): You're getting TWO cocktails for YOURSELF?
Me: *huh?* No...I'm getting a regular soda for me and a rum and coke for my husband.
Him: Oh.

First of all, it's a WEDDING RECEPTION in a facility that caters to big events like that. It has to be common for people to bring drinks back for their dates. Second of all, since when is a regular soda "a cocktail?" Third of all, what business is it of his what I do with the drink? He's getting paid, I could order it and pour it in a plant and it wouldn't make a bit of difference in his life.

It was just...odd. I also no longer felt bad for not having a tip ready for him.
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