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I just got a letter from a collections agency from Qwest even though we paid our bill on the 5th!!!  I tried to talk to them, but all I got is static about "that was your landline, not your cell," even though on our Qwest billing, they were combined, and I got confirmation from a customer service person after that payment, my account was paid in full!  GRRRRRR!!!!!

I am not paying those fuckers another dime!!!! 

Here's the letter I wrote to the FCC:

April 30, 2004


Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
, DC 20554


Rick xxxxx

Tarah xxxxx




To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is in lieu of Form 475, as it does not work on the FCC website.  The information we have about Qwest is as follows:  their official phone number is 800-244-1111.  We have tried on many occasions to follow up with Qwest, but with no luck.  Our complaint involves both cellular phone service and landline service.  This has to do with Billing and Porting of numbers.  The numbers that are involved are xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx, and xxx-xxx-xxxx.


We are more than willing to make a statement to the FCC about our experience.  We also would like any suggestions the FCC might have regarding legal action against Qwest for this unethical behavior.  Our contact information is above. 


We have been having problems with Qwest from day one of our wireless service.  We have had double billing, incorrect equipment sent, payments not being recorded, etc.  Finally, we have gotten away from Qwest, but not completely, since they refuse to port over our cell phone numbers and are making fraudulent claims to collections agencies saying we didn't pay our last bill, which we did on April 5th. 


We have had almost daily contact with Qwest and Virgin Mobile/Sprint since this porting problem started, which was approximately 3 months ago.  Qwest is deliberately holding back our cell phone numbers, as well as notes on our accounts, and according to an Anne Smith at Qwest we would not be able to obtain them "without a subpoena."


Our cell numbers Qwest refuses to port over, also after speaking to an account executive, Sandra Pacheo on February 19, 2004 she agreed to adjust our bill and we would not be charged any further for the cell phone service because they were having such a problem porting the number.  Also, on April 5th, 2004, we made a payment of $111.51 and according to a customer service rep, (Sandy ID 5066); our account was paid in full.  But now they find it necessary to turn us over to collections. 


We have also filed several complaints against them to the Better Business Bureau (complaint #64002216) per Ray Hurtado.  Their phone number is 303-758-2100.


We have spoken to numerous people at Qwest, Ms. Pacheo (877-440-8959), Tammy, Linda (ID 20419), Anne Smith, Sandy (ID 5066), Erick (888-817-1711 ext 20091), all giving us conflicting information. 


Again, I want to sever all ties with Qwest and get all our accounts in order.  I want all our bills cleared immediately, as well as the numbers ported over.


I would also like the FCC to do a thorough investigation on how Qwest does business as well as the holding and refusal to port over numbers. 


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Very sincerely yours,




Rick A. Johnson





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