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Tiger Direct. WTF.

I place an order with Tiger Direct on the 18th. I receive email confirmation that the order would be shipping on the 19th, with UPS Ground, a 4 to 7 day window for delivery. Fine, well and good.
Upon checking the tracking information with UPS this morning, I notice it's not changed since the 20th. Still listed as "In Transit" to my city.

So, I call UPS. They tell me there was an issue with the shipper's manifest. I won't be seeing the items til at the earliest, the 30th.
I attempt to use Tiger Direct's online chat feature. I am connected to a gentleman calling himself 'Raul V', who says, "Hello, wellcome (sic) to tigerdirect one second please."
I take this second to type up my issue, and ask what the next step should be. I need this stuff before the 30th.
I hit enter.
And wait. And wait. And wait some more.
15 minutes later, I ask if he is still there, as I know sometimes network issues happen.
At this point, I call their 800 number, and speak to a fellow by the name of Leo. I explain this all to Leo, while Raul is still looking for the order. Or having lunch. Or something.
Leo says it's no problem, he'll call UPS, and have them expedite the order from his end to ASAP delivery. I thank him, and tell him to have a good day.
I explain to Raul that I received service from someone on the phone, and wait another two minutes before disconnecting. Still no response.

An hour or so later, I check the UPS website to see if there is mention of the contact between them and TD.
Nope. Still the exact same status. No delivery date listed.
Try TD's web based chat again. I am connected to 'Sascha A', who offers the exact same greeting. Including spelling error.
I give all the information, plus the fact that someone named Leo told me this expediting of the order could be done. I wait five minutes and she says,
"It shipped 08/19, is there anything else I can do for you?"
... That wasn't my question.
Explain again. Using smaller words.
"I'm sorry, I do not understand your question, will be there 3-5 days."
At this point, I ask for a number to speak directly with a manager.
Which I find out, after I unload this whole story on some poor bastard, who was very polite and confused about it all. He suggests I speak with US sales. I call them.

Enter: Bernard.
Bernard answers the phone in a chipper sort of way, at which point I explain I've wasted my entire day on their various "customer service" lines. He sounds instantly deflated. I explain everything above. Including Leo's promise, and the two chat sessions. He says there is no way to expedite the order once it's shipped.
He does, however, refund my shipping.
It's something. *sigh*
I ask to speak with his direct sales manager as well, as I am rather displeased. He says to hold a moment, and I do. For about five, ten minutes, hearing muzak and a few clicks here and there.
To have the phone answered by a woman trying very, very hard to hide her accent.
So, now.. supposedly, their direct management is an answering service somewhere in India. It floored me that I was routed back to their generic call center.

I paused a moment, and just hung up, feeling absolutely defeated.

We had a good run, TigerDirect. We built some fun computers together. I'm afraid from now on, it'll be NewEgg. Thanks for leaving me feeling used, and still no answers on when the hell we'll have our stuff. It's not me. It's you. You've changed. You used to be... fun. I remember calling to ask questions about RAM, and having a great conversation for an hour or so.
You're not fun anymore, TigerDirect. You're just like all the others.
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