SirenStar (decembermalice) wrote in bad_service,

Bad grocery store service turned good!

I was at my local grocery store. This is not an overly expensive store, but it's not a low end store either. I saw a woman wiping down the rotisserie chicken counter near the deli. There was no one behind the deli counter, and no hours posted. There was a sign that said deli hours, but instead of numbers, it had blank spaces before and after the word 'until' for each day.

I walked up to her and asked if the deli was closed.

She SNAPPED at me as if I'd just accused her of something terrible.

"What does it look like to YOU?"

I can't portray in writing how nasty her words were.

A man that was standing nearby turned to her and said, "You were very rude to her. And you were very rude to me as well! And you never even answered her question!"

He convinced me to go to a manager since he had a problem with her as well. Unfortunately for me, this was just an add-on to an awful day, and when the man started telling the manager what happened, I got really upset about the whole thing and started crying. It was completely unintentional, but I get emotional in situations like this.

Unlike the deli worker, the manager was fantastic. All I wanted was for him to be aware of the issue, but he asked me what I wanted, had the worker slice the cheese that I was planning to buy, and brought it to me so I would not have to talk to her. He even gave it to me for free, even though I said I would have no problem paying for it.

I know this is pretty minor, but my boyfriend said the deli worker has been similarly mean in the past. Because of this, I will be writing a letter to corporate. I will mention the repeated rudeness of the deli worker. I will also mention how well the manager handled it. When it comes down to it, bad service happens, but a great resolution helps a lot.
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