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Another lovely print shop story

I am an art director of 15 years and have seen my fair share of lovely service, but this one was rather interesting, just happened today on my lunch break.

I work for an import company in the industrial part of Memphis and our warehouse is part of a long building with about 5 different businesses taking up residence here. As most designers do, I freelance on the side and needed a pressure-sensitive vinyl decal printed. At the end of our complex there is a sign printing shop. They handle safety signing for bigger industrial clients, Fedex and so on. I called and asked if they would take me as a walk-in and could do what I needed, the lady who answered the phone said no problem. This was a week and a half ago.

The reason why I tell you about the sign shop and our building complex is the owner of the building has been restructuring leases when they come up. So, the lady on the phone at the sign shop, when she finds out that I work a few doors down asks if we have to move when our lease is up. I politely tell her thats is our owners business and do not know. I ask the owner when we are out to lunch one day, somewhat off-handed and tell him that I know its none of my business, but during my 3 phone calls to her, thats all she asks about when I call, nothing about the job I am paying her for.

Today topped the cake.

The lady I had been speaking to, Linda, was supposed to call me on Monday and tell me the status for the Tuesday due date and pick up. She never called. I called and was told she was on vacation. She never mentioned that. Here is where the icing comes in. Found out she is the owner.

I went in yesterday to check on the status of the job, Doug (her son and the nicest one of the bunch, feel sorry for him) tells me the printer went down and it would be another week. I told him my client can't wait that long, he says he will overnight the part and get it fixed. All the meanwhile Linda is asking me about our lease and she is convinced we will have to move once our lease is up as well, even though my boss says no, he just upped the lease a few weeks ago. I called my client on the delay, but my client says no. So I called another sign printer down the road and they can do it. Great! Cheaper as well! I call Doug, who Linda tells me is on the way back to the office, to cancel my job, I will be in to pick up the CD right before lunch.

I drop in, Doug is not back. Linda, who is juggling her cell phone, her 4 week old westie and trying to talk to me at the same time, is still trying to find out about our lease! She tells me I have to wait on him in rather terse tone. Doug pulls up in the next 10 seconds literally, she is still on the cell phone and walks out on me and hands her son the dog and says "take him to pee". Never mind the customer in the lobby???

Doug comes in, apologizes, I explain my situation and he tells me they were going to print it this afternoon, the parts where scheduled to deliver after lunch? Never communicated to me. I cancel my order, and as I am being handed the CD, Linda interrupts our conversation and says they need to leave, his brother is waiting 20 minutes away on them for lunch. I was appalled.

I understand things come up, things happen. I had to make all the initial calls, call backs, and find out my status (which seems to be the trend these days) and am hounded about personal company information from an owner who has no tact.

I only feel sorry for her having to find a new facility for her business in the fact that her employees have the adjustment to make. I wonder why the landlord is making her move? I see a trend.

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