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Yeah, it's an airline, what do you expect?

Fuck you, Air Canada. I booked that 5:20 pm flight for a reason: I WORK during the day. I can work 8-4 and still make it to the airport in time for a 5:20 flight. What I CANNOT do is work a full day and make it to a 7 am flight. So thanks a bunch for bumping me to the early morning on a work day. That's awesome, guys, especially since I've used up all my vacation time and will have to take that day off of work unpaid.

Thanks also for reading me your standard disclaimer about how flights are subject to change without notice when I phoned to ask what the hell was going on. Offer me some kind of discount or coupon or anything for the inconvenience other than, "Sorry m'am, but..."? Course not. I've paid for the ticket already. You have my money. What do you care? You know damn well I'm not going to ask for a refund and switch to WestJet, because those assholes are worse than you are, and I don't want to take four shitty connecting flights all over the country and sit on a plane for eleven hours just to get to Ottawa.

Seriously, 5:20 pm to 7 am on a weekday?! What kind of switch is that?! Did you seriously think nobody was going to get really, really pissed off?! 5 pm to 3 pm, okay, I could maybe understand that. A couple hours either way I could live with. Ten hours difference is fucking lame. I hope you get 200 irate passengers phoning in to bitch you out over this.

The worst part is I will fly with you again, because there is no better choice. I guess you win.

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