robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

Deliberate Bad Service?

I actually posted this on Customers Suck because I thought they might get a kick out of someone screwing with the customers. Well, it looks like the mod deleted the post and I did have a couple of people point out that it was more of a bad service post so...

While I personally don't think a deliberate joke is bad service (the customers had to sign consent forms after the fact so it's not like they drove away never knowing why they were having such a hard time ordering!) I suppose I should take the advice and post it here. If it's inappropriate for this community too then I guess the mod will delete it here too (but I thought it was hilarious!).

Sorry if this was posted already but did anyone catch the "100 Greatest Scenes in TV History" last night? There was a clip where David Letterman was taking orders at a McDonalds drive thru and really fucking with the customers.

Cust #1: I'd like a medium diet coke.
DL: Really? That's all you want?
Cust #1: Yes.
DL: And you couldn't come inside for that?

Cust #2: I'd like two #3's with cokes.
DL: That's two #3's with cokes?
Cust #2: Yes.
DL: Uhmm...tell you what...I'm just going to give you a #6.

Cust #3: What comes in your happy meals?
DL: A veal shake...
Cust #3: WHAT!
DL: Yah, and german potato salad...
Cust #3: WHAT! I'll just have a hamburger and a small coke!
DL: Yah, sorry but we're out of burgers.
Cust #3: Are you serious?
DL: Yah, I've been trying to get out of here to buy some but it's been really busy.
Cust #3: ??
DL: Hey! Could you go to the supermarket for us?
Cust #3: WHAT!
DL: Yah, could you go to the supermarket and pick up some ground beef and bring it back here? Then we could make some burgers!
Cust #3: (Drives away)
DL: Hello? Hello? Are you still there?

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