Ali West (nuriko_chan) wrote in bad_service,
Ali West

Bad Service at Starbucks

This is totally bad_service but I still need to defend the guy because he must have been really bored on a sunday night, and I'm a regular who isn't a bitch and he, uhm, had my back or something, but still, this annoyed me. I was being nice about it at the time but it was just a huge WTF.

I'm putting this in script-form because it's just the easiest way to explain it.

Me: *Walks up to counter* Hey, can I get a grande Vanilla Bean Frappachino?
Barista: *Apparently decides this is too plain* Naw, man, no. You always.. can I get you a berries and creme?
Me: Uhm, no... If you don't want to make a Vanilla Bean, I, uhm, understand, I guess... *Was about to order a hot chocolate*
Barista: No no, it's not that! What else do you want? Do you want something hot or cold?
Me: Uhm... I don't really like coffee. My options are kind of limited, here.
Barista: You don't like coffee?
Me: No.
Barista: Okay, what do you want?
Me: ...... I want a frappachino.

He decides to grudingly make it for me but insists in putting a caramel topping ontop. I say okay because I just want my frap already. I drink it and it doesn't taste like caramel.. more like butterscotch.

Listen, dude, maybe Vanilla Bean is sort of plain. But it's also fucking delicious and WHAT I ORDERED, don't try to talk me into something else!
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