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It just keeps going

I've been battling this crap since May.  So I've decided I'm going to talk about it here; watch out my head is going to explode and give birth to baby heads.


Now we know the delivery issues.  Damages that they don't want to pay for because they were encased in steel at least seven inches thick, wrapped in twelve silk sheets.

Now we have billing issues!!!

We have our account debited monthly.  In order to receive the bill early (before they took the money out, it's nice to know ahead of time!); I signed us up for their "Flat File".  AKA electronic billing.

It all went smooth for a year or so.  Then all of a sudden in May it decided to stop happening.  No emails.  So I call customer service and tell them.  They promise me they'll fix it and send me out a paper bill.  Okay, shit happens.

A couple weeks later, no bill.  I call again. They'll release a bill.  Oh joy, I sure hope it gets here.  Obviously that's wishful thinking; nothing happens.

Cue me calling and emailing multiple times within the last few months; each with a promise of a 'duplicate bill'.  I even went through their automated system.  No luck.  I'm not shitting you, at this time I should have about 30 copies of each invoice.  Yet they keep taking money out of our account.  Sweet of them, really it is.

The last two invoices; my customer service rep brought to me personally.  How nice of her.  I think she's been fired since then though because there has been no reply to my emails or phone calls directly to her.  So I have to do that damn phone tree/call center bullshit.

I sent out of a snotty email over a week ago.  Yes I should have been professional, yes I am an EB, and yes I'm an all around bitchface.  However that does not void the fact I haven't been receiving paper bills.  This email simply stated "I would like to be placed back on paper billing, as it seems that UPS is not interested in fixing the technical difficulties the flat file has been experiencing."

I get a telephone call (a few days ago?) from some twerp that has the balls to say that "I sound frustrated" in my email.  Oh damn, you're quick mister.  He promises to put me on paper billing while they get stuff sorted out.  Fine, fine fine, just send me a bill so I can call your accounting department and have more SUCK when I debate how they're not billing correctly. 

The best part is that dude must have got his notes all messed up because he called me again today, not as a 'check up' but as a 'I have an email here from you and wanted to tell you we'll put you on paper billing."  entire spiel all over again.  Boo waste my time.

I'm getting emails from customer service over there from UPS.COM so my email is NOT kicking their correspondence back. Regardless of that fact, even if it was...why am I not receiving my damn bills that I keep requesting copies of by mail?  Yeah exactly.

Bottom line, I'll never hate anything as much as I detest UPS.
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