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ME: {dial}
THEM: "Blue Airport Shuttle, can I help you?"
ME: "Yes, I'd like to schedule a pickup for May 4 at 5:00."
THEM: "For which airport?"
ME: "Sacramento International."
[go through the info about time, flight number, etc. . .]
THEM: "OK, and what's the address?"
ME: "1234 Major Arterial Blvd, Roseville."
THEM: "I don't think we have any service in Roosevelt." [There's no town by this name anywhere in Calif., BTW.]
ME: "No, Roseville. Rose-ville."
THEM: "We don't go to Roosevelt."
ME: "Rose, like the flower, ville, like village. R-O-S-E-V-I-L-L-E."
THEM: OK, well we don't go to Roosevelt."
ME: "Never mind, I'll take a taxi."
[desk, meet head. head, meet desk.]

(For the record, Roseville is a very well known suburb of Sacramento, with about 90,000 people in it, well-known locally for its auction yard, railroad yard, auto mall, and lots of shopping. Heck, it's got about six exits to it from the freeway!!! I have no idea HOW she got "Roosevelt.")
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