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Premera Blue Cross Boner

I have a lot of different doctors and appointments I go to monthly to stay healthy. So I need my insurance functioning.

In a striking move of ultimate stupidity, Premera decided sometime in June to switch around my company's group number and all our ID numbers WITHOUT TELLING US.

Also without sending new cards to the members here with the updated information. None of us found out about this until people started getting denied their medication at pharmacies and receiving astronomical doctor's bills out of the blue, saying they no longer had insurance. Company wide heart attack there.

Needless to say, HR was NOT pleased when they finally found out. They chewed out Premera nearly a month ago about pulling such an incredible boner in customer service, and to give us our new updated cards. The HR guys are good here and I spoke to them, so I know they have ordered mine.

Has it come yet?

Can Premera figure out whether they've ordered one in the first place?


The billing hell I am going through right now trying to straighten out all the backed bills that were denied because my group and ID number didn't exist anymore makes me want to smash things with a baka hammer. I have been on and off the phone for over a month trying to appease various labs, offices, and hospitals going "give us our money! Raaar!"

Plus we all know what happens when you have to start contacting billing offices. Somebody gets confused and you have to keep calling back to correct them.

*stab stab stabbity stab with a ballpoint pen*

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