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So much for my good mood!

I was having a great day. Spent time with my friends and got a lot organized on the remodel of my living room. My friends were really a huge help with everything so I suggested that we go out to dinner as part of my way of thanking them. We decided to go to Red Robin.

There was a bit of a wait but that was fine. We chatted a bit and just waited for a table to open up. We got seated and were joking with the server that we were going to be her hard table for the day. Little did we know that our joke would be the truth!

I placed an order for their burger parmesan (hamburger with a tomato sauce on it). It had three choices, Hamburger, Grilled Chicken and Fried Chicken. I chose the Grilled chicken as I am not fond of beef and I don’t think that chicken should ever be deep fat fried (shudder) I also asked for no mayo as I am allergic to it. One friend liked the idea of chicken as well and changed his order to a different sandwich which had chicken on it instead of beef. The other friend ordered the soup and salad combo and specified no croutons on either the soup (French onion) or the salad.

There is a bit of a wait which is not a problem, they were busy and we could hear that there were many birthday parties in the restaurant and the staff all was tied up with singing for them. Not a big deal. We were chatting and having a good time. Finally the food arrives. I start to eat my sandwich and realize that it is beef not the chicken I had requested. I flag down the server and explain. She takes it back to have it fixed. My friend starts eating her soup. No problem. Then she looks over at her salad and it is covered with tortilla slivers. She has Celiac disease and can’t have anything with gluten in it, Hence why she requested no croutons in the soup and none on the salad as well. We figured that the cook didn’t consider tortilla slivers as croutons so that is why they were left on.

The server comes back with my sandwich and it is the fried chicken. I again point out to her that I had ordered the GRILLED chicken. We also requested if we could get a refill on our iced tea. No problem, she would get the sandwich fixed and would bring us more tea and some extra napkins as my first friend’s chicken sandwich was a bit messy and he needed more.

The server’s trainer (she was new) comes out with the 3rd attempt and my order and yet again, it is wrong! This time it has the right meat but it is COVERED with mayo. So much so that I could see it through the tomato sauce. Again I have to send it back and again requested more tea and napkins because we have yet to get them from the first server. By now my friends have eaten their dinners (we were all so tired of the problems that Em just started picking off the tortilla slivers instead of having it remade. She missed some and spent Sunday not feeling well and having lots of issues)

On the 4th attempt they finally get it correct but by now we are all so frustrated and I am so fed up that I am no longer hungry and am getting a headache from the loud kid at another table. I simply ask for a box and for the bill. I also asked if a manger could please come by.

The server never did bring the napkins (fortunately I had some wet wipes in my purse) or the tea that we had requested twice but never got. I did mention to the manager how frustrated I was. I had entered their restaurant in a great mood and had never had the huge problem I had that night with an order that I have placed there more than once with never a problem. The server did remove my sandwich from the bill but the fact that it took 4 attempts to get it correct when I was VERY clear when I placed the order. Burger Parmesan with Grilled chicken, No mayo, extra marinara should not be all that hard to do!

I highly doubt I will be going back!
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