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Feel free to remove this post if it is OT, but I wasn't sure where else to post it.

I went to the Round Table near my work (Round Table is a West Coast pizza chain, as far as I know) for lunch today. There's a guy who works there that always attaches himself to me when I go there. Always asks me how I am, multiple times, always tries to strike up conversation. Okay, fine. When I worked retail I wasn't very talkative to customers besides the regular "hihowareyouwhatcanidoforyoutoday." But some people aren't like that.

Today he asked me out, after asking me if I needed anything about 20 times.

It bothered me. I was on my lunch break from work. I was just trying to eat. And I don't handle the opposite sex well, I'm very shy around men, especially when they try to flirt with me and pick me up. I turned him down politely, paid my bill and fled.

I dunno, it just seems like something retail/customer service employees shouldn't do. Am I wrong? Does it fall under "bad service?"

Again sorry for the possible OT-ness.
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