Kimmy (sattyknight) wrote in bad_service,

Fuck you Comcast. You guys are fucking douchebags. Your customer service is fucking ridiculous. I'm getting sick of your fucking bullshit. No, it's not a fucking outage you assholes and you blatantly lied to me when I asked the radius of the outage. Fifteen miles, really!? How about when I tell you my friend's internet is just fine. We seriously have to pull you by the fucking ear to get your sorry, lazy asses out here to fix our shit. We were fucking nice for two fucking days when you guys told us you were working on it. Thanks to you, you probably thing we're fucking assholes now. Guess what? Maybe if you actually did your fucking jobs right we wouldn't be in this fucking predicament. P.S. Maybe it's just the Comcast people out here...because I hear good reviews elsewhere. Uuuuugh.
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