hey girl, you are beautiful! (alles_toll) wrote in bad_service,
hey girl, you are beautiful!

Disappointing, weird service.

I'd been craving North Carolina-style BBQ for weeks and finally decided to get some for dinner tonight. There's a little deli located fifteen minutes from me that originated from an actual Outer Banks BBQ restaurant; in fact, it's won local "Best Of" awards for service and food.

So I called for take-out and the girl working at the counter is snitty over the phone. No 'please', no 'thank you', no 'bye' after she's done giving me my number and estimated time. But whatever, that's just how some people are.

Well, when I get to the place to pick up my food, I get slightly annoyed because she's giving me a dirty look the whole time, one of those looks where you think something's on your face because of the way the person is frowning at you. (I actually checked my reflection in the car window upon returning, but there was nothing.) She's not very polite in person, either. Normally that's an attitude you chalk up to stress, but the restaurant was totally dead. I wasn't angry--really, I was too excited about BBQ!--but I was starting to wonder what was so great about this particular location.

So I drive the fifteen minutes back home and take out my tiny 8 oz. container of $7 BBQ pork, and here's where the weirdness occurs: there's no barbeque sauce actually on it. It's unseasoned pulled pork sitting in like a half inch of pork flavored water. Ew.

It wasn't like a fast food restaurant special order; my order wasn't totally atypical of the way people usually get things from this place. I got the exact same thing that this place is known for, and probably prepares a hundred times a day. And like I said, the place wasn't busy, so it's not as if the cooks should have been rushing to do my order. I'm honestly confused as to how this could have happened at such a slow business time without anyone noticing or caring.

I didn't feel like driving all the way back there after getting home, so I think I'll just call tomorrow.

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