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Del Prado

Last year I was ordering checks when I saw an ad for Del Prado. Normally I ignore these ads, or else have a good laugh before I toss 'em out, but this one was intriguing: 3 pocket-sized copies of the classics every month, leather-bound, and after your 21st book arrives, you get a cute miniature bookcase. I didn't think the books would have an entire novel (I was wrong), but the bookcase was so cute, I actually showed this ad to my mother (mainly because it was such an unusual ad). She ended up signing me up in November as an early Christmas present.

The books arrived, 3 a month, as promised. They did indeed feature the entire work (except for a few that were split into two volumes), and the print was tiny, but I could still read it. Everything was going fine, and I expected to get my mini-bookcase in May with my 21st book.

I didn't. When June came around, and there was no bookcase with that shipment either, I called Del Prado to ask what was up. The receptionist who answered the phone said we were on the list to receive the bookcase, but it was on hold because it had to ship "from Spain." OK, I could handle this. Shouldn't be too much longer to ship something from Europe--I decide to wait another month.

July's books arrive, but no bookcase. I call again. A different person answers and tells me that the bookcases have to ship "from Europe or something." We tell them not to ship us any more books until the bookcase arrives.

Last week, we got more books. No bookcase. A third call is made. (Oh joy!) A different receptionist answers, who tells us that the bookcases "are hand-made in Europe and are only shipped out once a year." This was not mentioned in the advertising, or in any of the bills we received. We stated that not only did we not want any more books, but we would not pay for the books we received in August until that bookcase arrives. We had a note put on our account to that effect.

I know caveat emptor is on a lot of people's minds right now, but isn't this against truth-in-advertising laws?
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