no dry porking for you! (__apotheosis) wrote in bad_service,
no dry porking for you!

Since I'm new and I just discovered this wonderful community where I can rant all I want (and it will probably be a lot, apparently I have one of those faces that reads "sucker who won't complain" so I tend to attract bad service), you get a long one to start me off.

Winners? Only if there's a prize for bad service This is actually bad service combined with a bad customer. I am just thay lucky. Yesterday I was shopping at my local Winners and I stopped by the jewellery counter. There were 2 salespeople, one free and one helping someone. I got to the counter at the same time as another lady, so I told her to go ahead and grab the free salesperson since she already knew what she wanted and I was still looking.

I decided I wanted to see something in the case, so I caught the salesperson's eye and tried to communicate (what I thought meant) "hi, I can see you're busy, but when you are free, I would muchly like some help." Salesperson smiles back to respond (what I thought meant) "sure, I would love to do my job and help you as soon as I'm done here"

Blah blah blah, busy busy busy, I continue to stare at shiny things when an older lady and her daughter come up to the counter and proceed to stand ABOOUT 2 INCHES DIRECTLY BEHIND one customer being helped.

First off, I hate when people do that, like they think they have to line up because its a queue. Clearly Old HagFace can see I was here first and have not yet been helped so why she though it would make a difference I don't know. Secondly, if I was that lady being helped, I would have turned around and told Hag Face to step the hell out of my personal space bubble, y'know? (I have stranger-closeness issues, mainly because I take the train to work during rush hour which gives me enough close-ups of skanky teeth and sweaty armpits that when I'm in wide-open space, I expect other people to utilize it and not be close enough for me to feel their breath on me)

Anyways, Practically Stalked lady finished, and Old Hag Face immediately stepped up to the counter and asked something. The salesperson started helping her. Yes. Her. She never turned around and acknowledged that I had prettymuch told her I was waiting. I get that Hag Face just started talking but would it really have taken so much to politely say "I'm sorry ma'am, someone else was here first, I will help you as soon as its your turn"?

Seriously? Would it? I used to work in customer service, and if I ever lost track of a line, I would always ask for whoever was next in line, because most people usually respect the idea of someone being there before you therfore getting served before you.

But no. Old Hag Face and her daughter wanted to look at every pearl necklace in the place, and the salesperson did not even look at me to say "Hey, I'm sorry, she just butted in".

So I waited for about 10 minutes, while no one looked at me or said anything to me before I gave the salesgirl a VERY dirty look and went to the customer service desk where I proceeded to tell the manager very sarcastically that if the people they hire aren't quite smart enough to figure out who, in a line of 2 people, has been waiting the longest, maybe they should consider some kind of ticket system. I didn't bother waiting for a response.
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