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Old Apartment Suck

This is more from my sister, but here it goes.

Back in 2005, they lived in an apartment for a year. Even though the lease said that they would do roach exterminations once a month...they only went once that whole year. There was apartment wear and tear that was a little beyond normal, but my sister was willing to pay for that. They cleaned it best they could, and thought everything went okay seeing as they never got a letter stating all charges. So she joined the Navy in 2006, and couldn't get a security clearance for her job. They said it was due to her credit, and she got a copy of her credit report. In it was a charge for 1800 for the apartment she moved out of (and other places too, but this was the biggest unpaid bill).

She was all blah, and got a statement of the bill. 600 for early termination of lease. 500 for not leaving a notice. She was all WTF?!!! I explicitly remember dropping off her notice that she was leaving, and why she was leaving (hubby and I got a 3 bedroom apt, and my mom and her were going to move in). And it was a month before the lease was to expire. I also remember going with her to drop off the keys on October 31st, which was her move out date.

On the statement, it said she moved out Sept 30. Weird. Also weird was on the statement was a November water bill that wasn't paid. Also a month to month fee. Also weird was that they had a reason for moving that stated that they were renting elsewhere.

Shady people.

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