Mary (stanthedevil) wrote in bad_service,

Credit Card Company vs. Phone Company

I work in the box office of a small theatre where we accept Visa and Mastercard via one card swipe machine. We either swipe the card in person or key in the numbers for a phone or mail order. For the last three days our machine has not been functioning properly. I've run hundreds of sales in one day without a problem. Now, I'm having to run each individual card up to a dozen times each. I continue to get a "lost carrier" message. Sometimes we'll be able to run several cards in a row. On my current transaction I've attempted to key in the numbers 14 times and continue to get the "lost carrier" message.

(Note: This isn't due to user error. There is a whole host of other messages that conveys to us incorrect card, invalid expiration date, over-the-limit, etc.)

So yesterday, my boss calls the credit card company and reports the problem. The credit card company's response is that it must be a problem with our phone line.

So my boss calls the telephone company and reports the problem. The phone company's response is that it is a problem with the credit card company.

Both companies are refusing to troubleshoot with us until the other does.

Of course now it's Friday and both companies are closed for the weekend which gives the theatre a difficult choice. I can either say that we're not taking credit cards and potential lose many sales. (The tickets are moderately expensive and there is not a convenient ATM.) Or, I can spend the weekend attempting to get credit cards to run and hope for the best.

Credit Card Company and Phone Company, you fail at customer service.
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