The Artist formerly known as Cybele24 (rightsaidred) wrote in bad_service,
The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

Panera Update

So I got my promised gift card ($10) in the mail today, and since I was going downtown to the library anyway (Grr.  Whole 'nother rant.  I hate the library system here) I decided to return to the scene of the suck.  In fact, I am there right now using their Wifi.

In a word, meh.  The store is dead and, of course, the same two people are on register as last time.  First I was ignored for a minute, than talked about  ("when you get off?" "3" "oh, go wait on them, then"  WTF?  It was 2:30!).  Then I get told "just a minute" while she does something else involving rifling through a binder of nutrition information, then I get waited on.  No smiles, no greeting.  Just "adequate but no more than that" service.  Not OMG HORRIBLE SERVICE this time, but certainly lackluster and, well, kind of apathetic.  The sandwich line people were totally friendly, as always, and the tables are clean this time.

So, I guess I won't totally avoid the place in the future, but I certainly won't make a habit of coming in 3 times a week on my way to work.  And if I walk in to see those two working the register, I'm walking back out again.  The regular morning rush crew I've never had problems with, so hopefully I won't have any problems in the future.

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