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My bad restaurant mojo strikes again

While visiting family, I take my mother and three children (ages 13, 6, and 2) out to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Small place, after the lunch rush. There are three waiters working a place that had 10-12 tables, tops.

We go in and ask for a booster seat or high chair for the toddler, and are seated at a table with no silverware. No booster is brought. The waiter comes and takes our drink orders (this is the last time our drinks are mentioned, and we're never asked if we'd like more). When he brings them, we ask again for the booster/high chair. When he comes back to take our food orders, guess what? No booster. We order our food, and ask that the toddler's food be brought out first. And ask again for our booster seat.

The waiter does not ask what dressing we want on our salad, and my mother specifies that she wants light italian. He brings the bread and salads (with the wrong dressing), and leaves without providing us with silverware. And then, he disappears. We had to chase down another waiter, five minutes later, to get silver. We tell them again that we need a high chair or booster. We finally get our silver, and for a booster they bring out two regular chairs, stacked one on top of another. ::blink:: I flatly told them "That is NOT safe". Finally, another waiter says "We've got high chairs, do you want one of those?" ::face palm::

They bring it over, and my mother pulls out her chair to put the high chair between us, and another waiter takes her chair. She had to go chase him down and get the chair back. Gah!

It's another 20 minutes before we get our food, and it's all brought out at once (note: we asked for the toddler's food to be brought early.) Now, the food was tasty, and the portions were just right, but it was some seriously aggravating service.
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