Sarah (prncsbkwrm) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Eats

So, today I walked up to my local Jack-in-the-Box. . . and they had apparently decided to put all their trainees on the cashiers . . . during the lunch rush. This is not a good idea.

When I walked up to the cashier . . . . I ordered a plain ultimate cheeseburger. The cashier sat . . . stared at his screen . . . . searched around for the right button . . . pushed the button. I'm not kidding, this process took a good two minutes. . . . to press one button.

I decided instead that I wanted the combo . . . . took another two minutes for the cashier to find the button. Apparently, my request of plain did not transfer over. I don't know why it didn't. You'd think if it's plain in a not combo, it'd still be plain in a combo. . . but for some reason, it wasn't.

Then, I asked that they substitute the root beer float. Which the cashier clearly understood, but pushed the wrong button for. . . . 

So, I stood and waited for my order. . . . which came out completely wrong, thanks to the cashier's complete incompetence. I then had to stand there and wait for it to be corrected . . . . Which took forever, because it was the lunch rush, and the rest of the people seemed pretty new too.

And my brother, standing in line behind me, had a very similar experience with the moronic cashier.

It was just a bad experience overall, and my brother and I decided we will not be visiting it for lunch again in the near future.
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