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What is up with Nevada Power?

For the past five years that my other half has been in Las Vegas he has never ever been late paying his Nevada Power bill.. until recently.  This is because for some reason he is not getting the normal power bill and since he is an OTR truck driver, sometimes its a few weeks until we get back, realize there is no power bill and have to call and request a bill.  Or he just waits until the next moth to get that bill and plans on paying both bills then.  Only one problem.  That bill additionally never shows up however the disconnect notice does seem to show up after a couple of months.  Or if the bill does show up, it shows up around 2 - 4 days before it is due. 

This has been going on for about six or seven months now.  So here it is the middle of the month and still no bill which in the past comes in the mail or rather when it does come in the mail, around the 7th.  So I decided to call them after talking to him to report that we have not been getting our power bill and to request one sent.  Now we do have a locked mailbox at the apartment complex we live at, and we don't have any other issues with not getting bills or mail.  And this is the first time since I've been in Vegas (nearly two years) that we have had to call Nevada Power.

Try #1:  So I call Nevada Power and I am on hold waiting to talk to an operator for 48 minutes without talking to anyone.  (Gotta love speaker phones!) 

Try #2:  I hang up and call again working my way through the options to hear the same notice that all operators are busy, and their wonderful music.  After 6 minutes of waiting to speak to someone, my call is disconnected.

Try #3:  So the third time I call again I take a different route and go to the payment arrangements options simply to try to get hold of ANYONE at this point.  So I get to the que with the same notice that all ops are busy.....  I'm now sitting at 52 minutes of waiting to speak to anyone.

Try #4.  So the fourth time I try, I use the option report a power outage.  "All agents are currently busy assisting other customers.  Please hold for the next customer service representative."  After 12 minutes, I was disconnected.

FOUR phone calls to Nevada Power and now told hold time of OVER TWO HOURS to talk to anyone and it has yet to happen.  What is up with that?  Is that a normal thing?
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