PolyEMTgirl (polyemtgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Workers Comp WTF!?!?!?

Back story: My fiance and I are both EMTs. We got hurt at work at the end of June and have been out on comp since... They tried to have us go back this past Monday, but it was a no go as we were both still in pain... Not a big deal in and of itself, but I am getting REALLY fed up with our comp carrier (Crum & Foster is the name of the company)...

1- We got hurt on 5/31 and I was supposed to get a prescription card in the mail so I could actually GET my script from my Dr filled... After two weeks I called to see where it was and was told, "It was sent by the company we contract with to do prescriptions out in Cali... You should have it any day now"... A week later I called again to let them know that I STILL havn't gotten it... I was told it would be re-sent and I STILL have not gotten it with means I STILL havn't been able to get my script for my anti-inflammatory. Oh, and I don't have regular insurance that I can use to pay for it and try to get reimbursed for...

2- My fiance and I have to call our adjuster every two weeks to remind her to send us our checks or they just never show up. When we call, it usually takes us at LEAST two days to get in touch with her because she is HORRID at returning phone calls. We even asked to speak with her supervisor at one point and she had the gall to yell at my fiance and tell him that he couldn't have the info.

3-My fiance left her a message on Tuesday about getting our checks (we get them every other week) sent out this week and we got a message from her today on our answering machine saying that we are no longer going to be receiving benefits because she has been over paying us. I immediately freaked out and had my fiance call back to find out what was going on, because I knew that I would flip out and that it just wouldn't be productive for me to call...

Apparently she mis-read the information that she requested from our employer containing our wage information and had been giving us 30% more than she was supposed to with each check. She then told him that we must give them back all of the money that they over paid us even though it was THEIR mistake... Shawn immediately requested to speak with her supervisor, since she admitted that this was in fact her fault. Her supervisor insisted that we should have known that we were being over paid, and that we should have contacted them to let them know and that we should have immediately returned all of the 'over pay'.

Now, I'm sorry, but how is it our responsibility to know that we were being over paid? I kind of assumed that the insurance company would know what the hell they were doing! The adjusters JOB is to write people checks for the work that they are missing due to injury...

If I were running the company I would take the over paid amount as a loss or take it out of the adjusters pay, as she admitted that it was her fault... Instead they are keeping at LEAST three weeks worth of our pay and pretty much giving us a big "FUCK YOU".

Now we have about $20 in our bank account, no money for rent on the 1st, no money for my car or insurance payments, etc... It's going to be really great when my insurance bounces and my car gets repossessed... At least we just went grocery shopping the other day...

Oh and we'll be contacting my lawyer in the morning... By the time we figured out what the HELL was going on today he was already out of his office...

Any other suggestions?!!!?
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